The Truth About Vitamins in Nutritional Supplements

The Truth about Minerals in Nutritional Supplements



The Bioreactor

The Bioreactor is also known as the Tank Farm. This reference is to the hydroponic farming that takes place in the tank. The Bioreactor is custom built to optimize the mixing, temperature and PH: essential to creating cold fusion nutrie

The Monitoring System

A state of the art Applikon Software and hardware controls and records, temperature, PH, dissolved oxygen levels, and the agitator speed of the Bioreactor. This system allows our operators to monitor and control our Bioreactor 24/7 from any site worldwide through our internet connection.

The Control System

Budding yeast (one of the foods used) requires a specific environment to thrive, over 300 cubic feet per minute of filtered air is required to supply oxygen to the budding culture in the Bioreactor. The budding yeast generates so much heat that without the ability to cool the vessel the yeast would die. Only through the use of a custom designed computer system that monitors and records all aspects of the budding process, feeding back information to an automated control system, are we able to ensure the quality of each batch.

The Chiller

To prevent Thermal Deterioration, we have to quickly cool our budding yeast. A 50 ton (600,000 BTU) chiller is used. The chiller allows us to rapidly lower the temperature during any of the steps in the budding process. If needed, the chiller can hold raw materials in bioactive suspension for further processing.

Rapid chilling prevents Thermal Degradation of raw materials. The budding process generates large amounts of heat as the yeast cells quickly bud and replicate. Without sufficient cooling, the yeast would drive up the temperature within the Bioreactor to the point where there would be a cessation of budding and cellular destruction would occur.


Comitrol® equipment enables the reduction of whole frozen product down to .040" in one pass. The Comitrol® is so efficient during raw material reduction that starter raw material is still frozen after being reduced.

The Comitrol® is an integral part of the Cold Fusion™ process. Without the Comitrol®, heat would have to be used to reduce the frozen raw material to the proper size for bioreaction: the Comitrol maintains the crucial cold in the Cold Fusion™ process. Comitrol® is a registered trademark of Urschel Laboratories, Inc.


The Refractance Window® drying equipment uses proprietary low temperature heat transfer technology to gently, and efficiently, remove moisture from delicate raw materials. The key to the process is its self-limiting property that avoids overheating and overdrying of the products. The Refractance Windows® patented principle of operation uses infrared energy from a bed of water. The energy in the water bed is transmitted directly through the cover into the moist product. This transference creates an effective and gentle drying process. As the raw material dries, the Refractance Window® closes. This closure causes the majority of infrared heat to be bent back into the water, leaving only low temperature conducted heat to finish drying. The Refractance Window® process preserves the highest levels of nutrient value along with color, flavor, aroma, and texture.

Roller Compaction

To produce our high quality tablets, a uniform blend is required. Achieving the perfect blend requires the use of a granular raw material with a uniform particle size, a uniform bulk density and particle hardness. Meeting these criteria improves the flow-ability of the material during tableting and improves the disintegration properties of the raw material once tableted. A Roller compaction system to produce a granular form of raw materials. A Alexanderwerk™ roller compactor has been designed to provide a single system to convert powder to granules without the use of potentially degrading liquids, binders or heat.